Breaking in your holster

Our holsters are usually stiff and tight. They should be, because the leather will mold itself to you and your use like a baseball glove or shoe. You may be tempted to speed up the break-in with a heavy dose of neatsfoot oil. But that will leave the leather soft, making for a difficult draw. Here are some easy instructions on breaking in your holster. NOTE this may need to be repeated.



  1. Empty your handgun and the magazines of semiautomatics of any bullets.
  2. Push the handgun deeply into the holster, until you can push it no more.
  3. Wear the holster and handgun around the house, as much as possible. This will speed up the holster conforming to the gun and to your body. Wear a belt holster with the belt you usually wear.
  4. Draw and holster the pistol whenever you find a few moments. Only through repetitive use will drawing and holstering become easier. Work any catches or snaps as well, to break them in also.
  5. Twist the holster on occasion, perhaps once or twice a day for the first week, flexing the leather one way and the other. This will loosen the collagen fibers (the tough inner structure of leather).
  6. Store the handgun in the holster at night. The leather, softened by a day of your body heat and sweat, will continue to break in overnight.